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Mobile Pizza Catering Service

Transform your event and make it a memorable experience for your guests with our wood fired pizza catering services. Our quirky wood fired pizza tricycle delivers fresh and delicious pizza and sets the tone for events that are out of the ordinary. We provide best-in-class mobile catering service for weddings, corporate events, birthdays and more.

The enticing aroma, texture and uniqueness of our wood fired pizzas will make your guests compliment your imagination and good taste. After experiencing our mobile catering service, our customers always say they can't get it out of their minds.

Looking for mobile wood fired pizza caterers? We offer mobile catering throughout Shropshire,Cheshire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire, Mid Wales, North Wales and more. Please, contact us now. We'll be happy to make your event a special one.


Hot, Fresh & Tasty wood fired pizzas

All our wood fired pizzas are made from scratch at your event by our highly experienced chef. Your guests will be delighted to watch us stretch the dough, add the toppings and prepare each pizza to taste from our pizza tricycle. We use the best locally-sourced ingredients for our culinary creations and our oven provides a wholesome aroma you won't get elsewhere.

Mobile Catering For Weddings, Corporate Events & More

Move away from traditional catering options and try something novel for your special event with our mobile catering. Whether your guests are meat lovers, vegans or vegetarians, we will create a menu to meet their exact needs and deliver wood fired pizzas that will please both the old and young.

Mobile Pizza Catering - What to expect

Before your special day, we'll work closely with you to design a custom menu of our wood fired pizza.Our mobile catering options are perfect as part of a main course, appetizers or after event snacks. With Pedal & Push, your choices are never limited.

On your special day, we'll arrive at your venue with our pizza tricycle and make pizzas on site. The dough tossing and enticing aroma from the oven will salivate your guests and build up anticipation. Our oven takes aroung 90 seconds to deliver a piping hot pizza, so you can be sure your guests won't have to anticipate much before they get served.

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Planning A Special Event?

Switch it up and make your event unforgettable with wood fired perfection from the Pedal & Push Catering team. Get in touch with us now to find out how we can make your event a success.

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