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The Story - How It All Begun

Kellie & Peter have been in the catering industry since 2002. In the humble beginning, it all started with an ex-walls 1920s style ice cream tricycle, which Peter lovingly restored to its former glory. Serving just the one flavour of ice cream (traditional vanilla of course) on the quay side of the prestigious Gunwharf Quays designer shopping outlet in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

From there, one tricycle progressed to three tricycles. Then growing the company over the years into bespoke custom-built catering units. These food concessions sold; Hot and tasty roast beef, pork & turkey baguettes, mouthwatering homemade fudge along with Belgian chocolate goodies, fresh soft-baked cookies and fresh ground coffees. During those 14 successful years Kellie & Peter longed for change of scenery.

One hell of a change later, you'll find Kellie, Peter and their four children in the beautiful Shropshire countryside living their dream. As they are now back on their beloved catering tricycle offering their catering services for private events like weddings, parties, corporate events etc. 

Peter has converted the ice cream tricycles into bespoke catering tricycles. First in the making was their elegant mobile crêperie tricycle. Peter has fitted this tricycle with a double crêpe machine for making fresh hot French style crêpes with delicious sweet and savoury fillings.

During the 2020 covid lockdown Peter then set to work designing and building a wood fired pizza oven to fit on one of the tricycles. This gorgeous copper clad wood-fired pizza oven weighs a staggering 165 kilos and is able to cook a pizza in 90 seconds. And now they have also introduced an add on option to the pizza tricycle in the form of a salad & antipasti tricycle, offering in house made salads and mouthwatering antipasti bites.

Artisan wood fired pizza bar
Classic crêpes
Pepperoni pizza cooking in wood fired oven
salad and antipasti grazing bar at a wedding
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