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Bespoke pizza bike for event catering


What do you need to set up?

Our tricycles are fully self-sufficient and don't require any electric or water hook up. And being a tricycle we can set them up almost anywhere (within reason, maybe not the side of a mountain) even in places that a large mobile catering van can't get to. If we need to access any setup location via a small gate or passageway etc the measurements can be no less than 98cm in width and must not have any steps for us to maneuver up or down.

Do you have public liability insurance and are you registered with the local council?

We hold full public and product liability insurance of up to £5, 000,000 and are registered with Shropshire council,who have awarded us with a 5 hygiene rating. 

How much notice do you need for an event booking?

The short answer to that is, as much as possible. As you can imagine our diary gets full very quickly with bookings, especially during the wedding season. So to avoid disappointment please book early. But we will always try to accommodate any last minute bookings if we have the availability.

How many pizzas should I provide per guests?

We always recommend one per person, we find this satisfies most appetites . If you want to cater more then just let us know.

Do you make the pizzas & crêpes fresh on-site?

Oh Hell yes!!!

There is no better way then seeing your pizza dough stretch right in front of you topped with something yummy and cooked in around 2 minutes, hot, fresh and tasty from the oven.

Or if you have opted for our delicious crêpes this will be ladled onto the hotplate and you will watch us twill this creamy batter out with the rake (that's the little wooden tool that all good crêpe chefs use) very theatrical! These are than filled with a sweet or savoury filling and served to you while you wait.

Do you offer special dietary options?

Pizzas are a fantastic choice when catering for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans alike. As the topping choices can be endless (we can even offer sweet dessert pizzas, YUM!).

We are happy to work with you on menu choices if you need it more tailored to your guests requirements.

Crêpes are also a great choice for vegetarians and meat lovers (we can order in a special vegan mix if required). Again with endless sweet & savoury fillings these are ideal when catering to many different tastes. 


If you haven't found the answer to a question you may have, then please contact us direct. We are always happy to answer.
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